My Favorites

I’ve owned my own business. Done tons of traveling. Now, I’m a busy working mom. I don’t mean to get all Oprah on ‘ya, but I do have some favorite things. These products, services and platforms make my life a whole lot easier.

SquareSpace: From 9-5 I live in WordPress, so I like to keep things exciting with this site. SquareSpace is easy to use and I highly recommend it. 

Thrive Market: Great prices on high-quality products. My go-to for hard-to-find holistic and health products, from ghee to vitamins.

StitchFix: This service has simplified shopping for me. It's worth trying and perfect for those (like me) that don't love to shop and wish they had a personal stylist.

Plated: Again, a life-changer. My dashboard tells me I've ordered 100+ meals. I won't do the math, but suffice to say I love and use this meal service often.