3 Tips to Create Website Resolutions that Stick

I'm back...finally! This fall was all about wrapping up some of our biggest client projects ever. It was a very rewarding and fruitful period, but now that I'm coming back up for air it's time to start a brand new batch of Kate's Tech Talks. This week, I've got a very timely vid for you: 3 Tips to Create Website Resolutions that Stick.


Here's the thing ladies and gents...

Website resolutions are a lot like real-life resolutions. If you bog yourself down with too many goals and aspirations, you will probably give up before you even really get started.

Whether you've got small hopes or big dreams for your website in 2014, the tips I share in this video are applicable to you.

P.S. Sorry for the dreary lighting in this week's video. It's cold and gray here in Florence this winter. I miss the videos recorded in summer, like Why Every Homepage Needs Just One Goal.