Kate's Tech Talks: 5 Must-Watch Episodes for Beginners

Hi ladies and gents! It's a no-new-vid week here at Kate's Tech Talks. Instead, today I'm going to share a list of the 5 videos that I think all new website DIYers should watch. Sometimes the video topics can sway more to the intermediate variety, so I want to make it crystal clear which ones are best for a newbie to start with. Let's get to it!


Digital Strategy 101: Why You Need a Sitemap Would you start a business without a plan? Build a house without architectural drawings? Didn't think so. So, why on earth do so many DIYers build websites without a sitemap ready to go. In this vid, we talk about why you need one and how to make it count.

My Dirty Little Web Design Secret In this video we chat about my dirty little web design secret: paper and pencil. Using this simple but effective strategy I create sites that are original and fresh -- and you, a website DIYer can use this strategy, too! If you think you need PhotoShop to layout a beautiful site, think again.

The Critical Mistake that Most DIYers Make Newbies, listen up: if there is one thing that I see time and time again it's folks creating websites that they like and not necessarily ones that their customers will like. It's a huge mistake that can cost you big. Here's my advice to keeping this from happening to you.

Why Every Homepage Needs Just One Goal Your homepage can make a super, amazing impact on visitors if you focus and hone in on that one special thing that's most important for your business. If you start the web design process focused on a great, impactful homepage it will pay you dividends in the end.

How to Make Smart Font Selections For Your Site You can do it...step slowly away from Comic Sans. Fonts tell your visitors so so so much about your business. But, most beginners don't know the subtle messages that fonts can send. We discuss them in this video (and how to avoid common font offenders).

Psst...wondering what I'll be covering in future episodes? Here's a taste:

  • How often should I blog for my business?
  • Why positive feedback can hurt your business
  • The art of the outsource

Can't wait to share! -Kate