5 Top Resources for WordPress Templates

On Tuesday I shared my thought on what comes first -- a custom website or being able to sell a high-price item. In short, my answer is that you don't need a ridiculously fancy site, but you do need something that is pretty and polished. So, today I'd like to share my 5 top resources for WordPress templates.


First, however, lets talk about what makes a good WordPress template for your business:

  • How it handles the level of content that you have available. Sure, you can find a beautiful magazine-style template, but if your site is mostly static content an a few blog posts, a magazine theme is going to look really empty when used on your site. Try not to get distracted by themes that simply aren't write for your content depth.
  • The general layout and structure appeals to you. If you find yourself saying "I hate the colors on this theme," don't worry! 99% of WordPress themes these days make it super easy to change colors, fonts and basic style elements. That means that when you're searching for a theme you need to focus on the general structure and layout. It's much, much harder for a DIYer to change that.
  • Don't get sucked in by colors. Going off the previous bullet, don't get wooed by an awesome demo site with rockin' colors if the layout isn't right for you. You will pull your hair out trying to redo a layout.
  • The demo site rocks your socks. If the demo site doesn't wow you it's time to move on. Why? Because the sole purpose of a demo site is to show off all of the bells and whistles of that theme. In my experience, the demo site is the best a theme can look without a ton of customization. If it doesn't look good in demo it may be hard for you, as a DIYer, to pimp it out.

With those items in mind, here are my 5 top resources for WordPress Templates: