5 Fantastic and Free Sans-Serif Fonts


You might call me a bit of a font nerd. I absolutely love discovering new fonts and adding them to my ridiculously large (and growing) collection. My favorite resource for paid fonts is Fonts.com, but when I’m searching for free fonts things get a little trickier. Why? There are so many free fonts out there and they aren’t all as high-quality as you might hope. Typically, however, I can depend on FontSquirrel.com and the League of Movable Type to find freebies that also fit the quality bill. In the image above I’ve rounded up my favorite free sans serif fonts. Below are some more thoughts on why I chose each font.

Free Sans Serif Fonts – Raleway

Raleway is one of my favorites because it simply looks special. A few of the letters — the W, for example — have a bit more character than you typically find with free fonts. It’s fun and modern, yet very professional.

Free Sans Serif Fonts – PT Sans

In my mind, great, sturdy sans serif fonts like PT Sans don’t get all of the credit that they deserve. It’s great to have a library full of display or handwriting fonts, but you also need great go-to body fonts, as well. PT Sans fills this space for me.

Free Sans Serif Fonts – Droid Sans

Similar to PT Sans, Droid Sans is a nice body font. It reads well on-screen and has a nice, clean, breathable quality to it.

Free Sans Serif Fonts – League Gothic

I love League Gothic. It’s a bold, smart and modern font that’s perfect for headlines. It’s best when used in moderation when it can really make a big impact.

Free Sans Serif Fonts – District Pro Thin

Thin fonts can be tricky and sometimes hard to read, but not District Pro Thin. It always looks good, crisp and professional. It looks best (in my opinion) at big/headline sizes.

What you need to know about free fonts: Many times, the best free fonts are only available in one weight, typically regular. This means if you want to use the fonts at other weights (bold, light, etc.) that you may need to purchase the commercial version of the font. A good font is worth paying for, so if you find that you really like and use a font it’s worth forking out the dough.