5 Tools for Choosing a Website Color Scheme

How to Choose a Website Color Scheme

Color is one of the single most important elements of design. Over the past five years of working as a web designer I’ve learned that discussing color with clients early on is critical to success. Whether we know it or not, we all like (and dislike) certain colors. When a client responds well to certain color schemes it tells me a lot about their aesthetic and what they will like in their finished product.

I’ve also learned over the years that people see color in different ways — aqua to me is sea green to someone else. The words we use to describe color are not the same. As such, it’s critical that clients see actual color schemes on their screen and report back about what they liked. I emphasize the on the screen part because a color scheme that you like in print doesn’t necessarily translate well to the computer screen.

There are five tools I generally point clients to so that they can begin thinking about website color schemes.

1. Adobe Kuler: My go-to site. Thousands of color schemes searchable by keyword.


2. Pinterest: Tons of photo-inspired color schemes. This is great for folks that like to find inspiration in photos or unexpected places.


3. Colour Lovers: Another great visual resource for finding beautiful color schemes

4. ColorCombos.com: A no-frills, but still great site for finding a unique color scheme


5.  Pantone: The kings of color. Particularly good when you’re looking for the next big thing in color trends.