5 Blog Post Title Types that Drive Traffic

Blogging is equal parts art and science and it’s important to test out post types that will work for your business. A big part of discovering what content your current and potential readers are most interested in is to test out blog post title types. Your post titles are one of the most valuable SEO tools that you have at your disposal. Why? Because the titles that best engage readers are also usually the ones that are the most search engine friendly. Pretty good bonus, right?


These are five of our favorite blog post title types:

  1. Numbers, numbers, numbers: Have you noticed that our posts typically start something like “5 Top Tips…” or “3 Things to Know…” Readers typically love lists because they are easy to scan and read.
  2. How-To:  Do you have expertise you want to share with readers? You might be surprised just how many things you know how to do that can be broken down into short and sweet how-to posts. No how-to is too simple or too complicated. Someone is always looking for it.
  3. My Experience with…: Our posts about moving from SquareSpace to WordPress are some of our most popular. Why? Because they mix lots of “How-To” knowledge with our personal experience. It makes technical posts much more relatable.
  4. Behind the Scenes: Similarly, our Working with Your Spouse post is also hugely popular. That’s because people love reading about the “behind the scenes” action that goes on in running our business. Try out something similar on your blog.
  5. Lists of resources: The most applicable to all industries, the good ol’ fashioned list is a tried and true blog post title type. You can use a list type post to highlight people, places and products that you recommend.

There are, of course, plenty of other post types to try out, but give these five a whirl on your site.