5 Premium Script Fonts Under $35

I love type and fonts, so I spend a lot of time browsing sites like MyFonts.com to see what's new in font design and to keep an eye on old favorites.

I see a lot of people into using script fonts at the moment in their branding, but everyone seems to want to use the exact same (and often free) fonts. The fact of the matter is that if you're willing to spend just a little bit of cash you can get a beautiful font, far more glyphs (aka alternate characters) and help your brand stand out from all the others that use the freebies.

Here are five of my favorites at the moment...

Here are the quick links to each:

Bellucia (on sale for 3 weeks!)

Samantha Upright Basic

Nelly Script Flourish



Want to know my top tip for buying premium fonts? If you're not in a rush, keep an eye on your favorites. Sites like MyFonts put different styles, creators and collections on sale at various time throughout the year. Sometimes you can get a premium font for a huge discount if you get the timing right.

3 Great CSS Generators and Resources

Popping in for a quick post today to share three great CSS resources I’ve used in the past few days that have helped immensely on a few different projects I’m juggling.

Here’s the deal: when I’m busy, I don’t want to spend 5 hours “reinventing the wheel” for certain things. Building certain elements totally from scratch is fun (I’m a weirdo) when I’ve got the time, but when I’m short on hours I like to use resources available on the interwebs that get me halfway to totally custom in about 5 minutes.

For some of you, you’ll be able to use these resources to do all of the work for you. That’s not the case for me because I’m doing some pretty detailed/custom CSS work, but even getting halfway there is a huge time-saver.

  • CSS Arrow Please! This is a great example of a site that saved me hours of time. I needed my arrow to look a little different and be in a non-standard location, but even having Simon’s basic CSS was amazing. Would I love to learn how to make CSS triangles on my own at some point? Yup. Right now? Not so much.
  • CSS Menu Builder I tried a few other menu builders before I found this one. The reason this worked for me if because I needed a builder that didn’t try to do too much for me. Otherwise, I spend time stripping out unnecessary CSS. I wanted something pretty basic and this one did it. I’m not crazy about the fact that it uses images for gradient backgrounds in menus, but I know how to make CSS gradients so changing it up was super easy.
  • ColorZilla CSS Generator Speaking of gradients, sometimes it’s nice to have a wizard available to make those gradients in a jiffy. This generator from ColorZilla is easy to use and quickly generates the CSS for all different browsers.

If you are looking for a more one-size-fits-all CSS menu generator check out CSS3 Generator, CSS Menu Maker and UberMenu for WordPress.

Kate's Tech Talks: How to rescue old blog content

This week's edition of Kate's Tech Talks is a wee bit different than usual. Instead of my mug in front of the camera, I'm narrating a short screencast in which I share my top three tips for how to rescue old blog content from your archives and give it a fresh, new life. Anyone that's been regularly blogging for even just a few months has faced this conundrum: how do I get new readers to check out my old content in a way that is natural and interesting? On my lifestyle blog, La vita e' bella, it's something that I've experimented with over the years and found three super successful (and easy!) ways to accomplish.

Without further ado, my tips.

What I learned from my most popular Tech Talk yet.

Wowza. Tuesday's video on How to Create a Web Show the DIY Way was insanely popular. I love that you all enjoyed the behind-the-scenes look at how I create video for my business. I loved sharing my process.


It's funny how popularity and social buzz works. There have been vids in the past where I've thought "This is going to be huge" and the response has just been so-so. The popularity of the latest video caught me by surprise. Why? Confession: I almost didn't publish this latest video on web shows! No joke. Even though it was based off inquiries from fans, I still felt like it wasn't that interesting. Me? My process? Who cares? Well, apparently someone does!

There are a few BIG lessons that I've learned over the past few days that I want to share:

  • When creating content for your site -- text, audio or video -- you have to experiment. You can never assume that you know what your audience truly wants. You can only learn through experimentation. 
  • People want to know how you make your business run. I make this show on a shoestring budget. It's second nature to me and seems terrible uninteresting. But, for someone just getting started that wants to create a show, it's INSANELY helpful advice. The everyday nuts and bolts of your business will be helpful, interesting and educational for other small biz owners.
  • Share, share, share your best tips, tricks and ideas. Since I started putting my expertise out into the world for FREE I've had nothing but positivity, new business and email subscribers come my way. Abundance produces abundance.
  • Sharing is caring. A huge portion of my traffic came from recommendations in a few different groups that I belong to. Social proof, my friends. Once one person watched it and loved it and raved about it, more traffic came rolling in. Testimonials + praise are amazing that way.

Next week we'll be talking about The Art of the Outsource and I can't wait to share that video with you. I share some insider tips for how I've had success with outsourcing in the past and how to get the most bang for your outsourcing buck.

In the meantime, I'm off to brainstorm other behind-the-scenes-esque Tech Talks that I can create for you all to help you grow and expand your businesses.