Free Watercolor Social Media Icons

Today's list of freebies is one of my favorites to date: free watercolor social media icons. Sometimes, you just want your social media icons to have a little pizzazz to them -- what better way than the feminine touch of watercolor? Here are five of my favorite free watercolor social media icons available for download (for FREE!) for personal use:

Crab + Fish: 140 Watercolor Social Media Icons (so many color options!)free watercolor social media icons

The Shoppe Designs: Free Blue/Beige Watercolor Icons (so pretty and delicate!)

free watercolor social media icons

Verve and Sass: Free Social Icon Download (Bonus: she make a glitter version, too!)


PSD Explorer: Free PhotoShop Watercolor Icon Download (you'll need PhotoShop to use)


AngieMakes: Free Watercolor Icons in 7 Pastel Colors (love how each one is so unique!)

free watercolor social media icons

When you start searching for social media icons to use on your site, I suggest downloading a few FULL sets and browsing the complete collection. Don't get your heart set on a certain "look" until you confirm that there are indeed icons in the set for all of the different social networks that you need.