How to Create a Great Business Team of People Around You and Your Website

Earlier this week I posted my first episode of Kate's Tech Talks ever -- the five types of people that you need on your site review team. I know that this is something that a lot of people struggle with and often the fear of asking for help/assistance/feedback is so great that they nix this step all together. It is so important to have a great group of people around you as you launch your website and business.

How to Create a Great Business Team Now, recognize that great doesn't equal large. Victoria Prozan wrote a wonderful post about this very topic not too long ago called Stop Crowdsourcing Your Brand. I belong to a couple of Fb groups of entrepreneurs and every time someone broadcasts the "What do you all think of my..." messages it takes all of my self-control not to the link to Victoria's post every. single time. It's smart and every DIYer needs to read it.

There are a few other great articles that I've read recently and wanted to share as food for thought this week on the topic of greats teams.

Here are my top picks for advice on putting together a great team:

Have you all read anything lately that's particularly grabbed your attention?