Kate's Tech Talks: How to Create a Web Show the DIY Way

Since I launched Kate's Tech Talks four months ago I have received a ton of feedback and questions. Interestingly, one of the most popular questions is: how to create a web show for your own business or blog. It's clear from my videos that while I'm not sitting in a huge professional studio somewhere, I am doing something a little bit extra than the typical talk into the web cam. You all clearly want to know how it's done! In this week's episode I pull back the certain and share my downright sneaky tips for getting a professional look for your web show with very little effort (or cash!). My biggest technique might surprise you.


Here's a hint: I don't record Kate's Tech Talks in my own home.

Well, a little correction: I didn't used to to create them at home. I recorded this tech talk about four weeks ago and since then I've actually moved to a new apartment with beautiful white walls! Lots of natural light! Tons of recording space! In other words, it's a dream! It was funny for me to edit this video because in it I say "I sometimes wish I could record these at home!" Well, in the future I will be. I'm very excited about that.

Back to the matter at hand: it is possible to record create DIY videos on the cheap. The key -- as with anything -- is to plan, plan, plan. My sneaky strategy only works if you've done a ton of planning so that when you show up on recording day you are seriously ready and prepared to work your tail off.