How to Design a Website from Scratch Using My Dirty Little Web Design Secret

In this week's episode we're tackling a topic that I get asked about all the time -- how to design a website from scratch. Most DIYers are all starting from the same place: zero knowledge about graphic or web design, and a state of total overwhelm about where to begin. The mistakes that a lot of DIYers make is to skip the design phase all together and jump right into WordPress and start "making their site." I can't stress how important it is, however, to slow down and take time to design your site.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Kate, I have no idea how to design a site in Photoshop."

Well, my friends, that's why in today's video I'm sharing my dirty little web design secret with you. You might be surprised how simple this stage of my design process is and how you, a DIYer, can adopt the same strategy for designing your own website.

When trying to figure out how to design a website from scratch, the benefits of using my simple, but effective, strategy are clear:

  • You enter the development phase with a clear roadmap for how you want the site to look;
  • You are more likely to come up with an original look and feel for your website instead of ripping off someone else's design;
  • You think through every element of your site and how it relates to your site goals;
  • You come up with a practical list of tech and visual to-dos that you'll need to address before your site can launch;
  • It allows you, a DIYer to adopt good design practices even if you don't end up putting your design into Photoshop or another "pro program" before beginning to develop the site.

So, tell me the truth...did you create a design for your site before you started OR jump right in to the development? What would you do different if you could start fresh right now?