How to Design a Website from Scratch: My Top Resources

On Tuesday's Tech Talk I explained my top "dirty little web design secret" that DIYers can utilize when they are trying to figure out how to design a website from scratch. In today's post I'd like to share my top five design resources that, even as a professional designer, I still stalk for fresh and new ideas.

  • Pugly Pixel - Some of her tutorials may be a little advanced for the total beginner (bookmark them for the future), but it's her style eye that really takes the cake. She just gets how color, type and layout work together to create greatness. My favorite? Her Launched series; she's not regular with it, but when she does post it rocks my socks.
  • Eva Black - Tons of visual candy for you to gorge on. Her style is crisp and modern; her posts always inspirational. She's not a tutorial girl like Katrina from Pugly Pixel, but her blog is no less inspiring. Her color scheme posts are my faves.
  • Carrie Loves - This gal knows how to round-up the goodies for the DIYers. Seriously, from fonts to social buttons to color schemes, this lady puts amazing resources right at your fingertips.
  • Flourish Studios - If you need some visual inspiration for how to craft a brand that is totally you this is a wonderful blog to read. It's so interesting to see how their projects go from mood board to finished product.
  • Design Love Fest - Natch, I love Bri and all the visual amazingness that she rocks out on her site. What I love about her blog is that she shares her tips for how she creates beautiful, original and thoughtful designs for her clients. Every project is a breath of fresh air!

When you visit sites like the ones that I've listed above you probably notice a common theme:

Fresh, original brands ALWAYS grab your attention.

There are so many sites out on the web right now trying to be someone else's site and totally sucking at it. I know that for DIYers the thought of creating a brand/look from the ground up is daunting as hell, but it is ALWAYS better to take things slow and create a website that is 100% you.