Kate's Tech Talks: Blogs and Websites -- What's the Difference These Days?

Welcome back to another week of Kate's Tech Talks. For this week's episode I'm taking a reader question. I was super excited when this question from Jenny came in because I know it's a topic that a lot of multi-passionate small business owners and bloggers struggle with. Jenny's question actually has a few different layers. The three primary questions are:

  1. What's the big darn difference between a blog and website these days?
  2. How do you decide between a blog and a website?
  3. How do you know when to build a blog/site off of a certain site as opposed to starting fresh?

Told you...lots of layers to this question! Here's why I loved answering it:

Because my personal/business situation is a perfect case study for what you can and can't predict and do.

As I answer Jenny's question with general digital strategy, I also share a behind-the-scenes look at how my websites came to be where they are. How they grew. How they thrived. AND, why some have remained static while others are more dynamic.

Tons of juicy behinds the scenes details this week!

The video is a bit long (it clocks in at 9 minutes!) but I think it's worth it because there are some smart tips for how to think strategically about how your business can grow and how your URLs and tech will need to grow with it.