Kate's Tech Talks - Digital Strategy 101: Why You Need a Sitemap

In this week's episode of Kate's Tech Talks our topic of conversation is a simple -- but often overlooked -- element to creating your own website: the sitemap.

Wondering why you need a sitemap? Let me explain.


The way I see it, sitemaps serve two purposes: helping search engines index your site and helping you organize your own content. For most website DIYers you only worry about your sitemap when submitting it to Google and even then it's an afterthought.

In reality, a sitemap is a great way to plan your content before you even start designing your site.

When you sit down and outline how your site should flow, you end up thinking through really important content and design-related aspects of your site and preemptively asking yourself important questions like...

  • Will the average visitor be able to find my best material in two clicks or less?
  • Will I be able to generate good, non-repetitive copy for each of these pages?
  • Are each of these pages essential for me to have to launch by site?

The key to creating your sitemap is to do it early, keep it simple and don't over-think it! A simple flow chart with your top line navigation items and any drop-downs below it will do the trick.

In this week's episode I share my story about how I almost overdid the menu items for Kate's Tech Talks, but sitting down and planning out my sitemap helped me to keep it super simple.

If you come away with one nugget from this week's episode make it this: less content that's higher quality and fewer pages is almost always what's best for business!