Kate's Tech Talks: 3 Ways That Photos Might be Killing Your Site

In this week's episode we're talkin' about photography. I've worked on enough websites to know that photography is something that everyone struggles with -- DIYers and those that hire out their site design included. That's because photography is such a crucial part to your website's success.


Finding photos for your website ain't easy my friends, but it's oh-so-important.

Most websites have one big impact piece -- slider, banner, header...whatever you want to call it. The photos that you include there (and everywhere on your site, for that matter) tell an important visual brand story to your visitor. If the photos are whicky whack, someone is going to high-tail it away from your site.

In the video, I share the three glaring ways that DIYers make mistakes with their photos -- and how it might be slowly killing your website's potential. They are...

  • Using stock photography that's used lots of other (and sometimes very surprising) places.
  • Outstretched hand bio photos
  • Poorly-concepted professional shots

Finding photos for your website isn't easy. It's frustrating. It's time-consuming. But being lazy about photography now will hurt your site going forward. And, in this week's video I explain why.