Kate's Tech Talks: What Comes First -- the Custom Website or the Big Ticket Sale?

This week's Tech Talk covers a topic that I know many of you wonder about: do you need a fancy, custom website in order to sell a big ticket item? In the video I give my answer to that question as well as share how you can make your site look totally custom in three easy steps. Let me give you a preview of my (potentially controversial) answer to the big question in this week's episode of Kate's Tech Talks...

The "if I build it, they will come" mentality can be harmful to your business prospects and, quite frankly, annoys the heck outta me.


Here's the deal. I belong to a few networking groups on Facebook and LinkedIn where people talk about this issue all the time. I see posts where people lament that their great product -- a course, class, program, etc. -- isn't selling and its got them down. They ask, "Do you think it's my website?"

You know what happens next? The positivity brigade comes out in full force telling the person to keep at it, stay strong, and that with a great product it doesn't matter what the site looks like. And, you know what happens a month, two months, 6 months later? That same person is back talking about how tough it is and how nothing has changed.

That's because...

...in 98% of cases, yes you do need a decent sitein order to sell a high-end product. Do you need a $10k ridiculously gorgeous and totally custom site? Big fat no. But, you do need something that conveys value, polish and credibility -- and a holly hobby site just ain't gonna cut it.

We can all find case studies of people that managed to make it big with surprisingly awful sites, but for the average business owner trying to sell online that mentality simply doesn't work.