Kate's Tech Talks: Why Every Homepage Needs Just One Goal

One of the biggest challenges I see website DIYers struggle with is how to make their homepage do something for them. Convert. Inform. Sell. Opt-in. Impact. Educate. Everyone -- even those brand spankin' new to the DIY web game -- knows that your homepage is the page on your site that screams "This is who I am. This is what my business does." It's a lot of pressure.


How do you make your homepage really soar? By sticking to one. single. solitary. goal.

As I mention in this week's tech talk, this doesn't necessarily apply to those working with professional designers. That's because they are skilled at widening the net so that your homepage pulls double or triple duty.

That being said, never ever hesitate to tell your designer, "If my homepage only does one thing, it needs to do ______." As a designer myself I can tell you that's a powerful statement to hear from a client.

But, if you are 100% DIYing your site then you need to be singularly focused. Make everything you do for your homepage -- content, design and calls to action -- about that one goal.

Just because you focus your efforts on this one goal doesn't mean that other things won't naturally and organically be accomplished at the same time. It's kind of awesome and amazing and brilliant that way.

By focusing on rockin' out and totally nailing one thing, it naturally amps up other parts of your site.