Kate's Tech Talks: How to Make Smart Font Selections for Your Site

Warning in advance: I may or may not use the phrase "graphic design beer goggles" in this video to describe what happens when many DIYers decide to start getting fancy-pants about their graphic design.

Remember, I told you all that I keep it real.

Fonts are a hot topic. A fun topic. But, also a scare-you-poopless topic, if I'm to be honest. That's because fonts can make or break your visual presence. Why then do so many web design DIYers insist on choosing fugly fonts and font combos on their sites?

The answers isn't as cryptic or special as you might think. The fact is, whenever we don't know how to do something we tend to overcompensate -- to pretend like we know more than we do. So, when a DIYer decides they need a logo or text treatment of some sort, they assume that adding 2, 3, 4 or even 5 fonts must make it look "more designed."

Of course that's not the case. Using that many fonts tells anyone with a trained design eye that you probably don't know what you're doing. But, more importantly, it confuses your visitor.

Your logo and text treatments give your visitors important visual cues about your business.

Piling on the fonts only sends mixed messages. Luckily, I'm here today to share my five tips/rules for keeping your fonts under control...

In this week's video I cover:

  • Why keeping it simple is always the best approach;
  • How one font can almost always get the job done;
  • What your font selections subconsciously tell your visitors;
  • The reason why you should never distort text;
  • And yes, what graphic design beer goggles do to your decision-making.