Client Spotlight: Be Food Savvy

Quite recently we finished a website project for the wonderful Krista of Be Food Savvy. She's an awesome gal with a wonderful mission -- helping people find the foods and nutritional lifestyle that helps them thrive.

She came to us with a SquareSpace to WordPress project. I love working on these types of projects. Why? Because I love working in both CMS. People always have such great, thoughtful reasons for going from one to the other and it always presents a great opportunity to make small, but really impactful, changes to the site.

With Krista's move we focused on three things:

  • Improving what's "above the fold": We wanted more important information available to folks when they first landed on the site
  • Prettying up the style: We kept the primary color scheme, but we updated the font story and made the CSS/style consistent throughout the site
  • Integrating e-commerce: Switching to WordPress provided Krista with more e-commerce options. SquareSpace has a great one built-in, but it can be limiting depending on your needs.

Here's how the site looked before (above the fold only):

And here's how it looks now (again, just above the fold):

The finished product is brighter, better organized and easier to read. I love how much you learn when first landing on the site compared to before. I also love the new background, it's so eye-catching. We couldn't be happier with the result.

Be sure to check out Be Food Savvy!