Kate's Tech Talks: Five Tips for How to Work with a Designer or Developer


I'm very excited for this week's tech talk because I feel like I'm getting to share a bit of psuedo-behind-the-scenes action. Why's that? I'm divulging my top five tips for how to work with a designer or developer. I've been writing copy for the web, designing websites and developing websites in some capacity for 7 years (it's way longer than that if you count the "fake" developing I did as a self-taught HTML whiz in my teenage years). I've learned a lot in that time about how both clients and designers can work together to have a productive and rewarding experience.

The five tips in this week's video are a mix things you can do before, during and at the end of your business relationship to get the most out of the design an development experience. I'm not trying to be funny at the end of the video when I say this working relationship is just like any other: you need to nurture it and focus on communication.

Too busy to watch the vid? Here's the #1 thing I want you to know:

It's essential to be open and honest with your designer or developer regarding the level of creative freedom that you are going to allow during the project.