Want Your Site to Rock? 5 Must-Have Personality Types for Your Website Review Team


Welcome to the very first episode of Kate's Tech Talks, my once-a-week web show developed to help you elevate your brand's website. We're jumping in full force this week by covering a topic that I've seen so many DIYers gloss over: site review teams. If you don't have a team in place to help you review and improve your site you are missing out on the opportunity to create the best website possible for your business. Why? A rock star site review team has the potential to:

  • help yousolve the big picture problems with your site;
  • identify issues that you don't even know you have -- and fix them;
  • boost your confidence by helping you discover what's awesome about your business;
  • give you valuable perspective about how the "outside world" perceives and responds to your website.

But, there is more to putting a great site review team together than just emailing friends and family for feedback -- in fact, I highly recommend that you don't do that. That's because a great site review team is one where you value, trust and listen to every. single. solitary piece of advice. A mass email to loved ones basically begging for "omg, it's so beautiful" comments is simply not going to cut it.

You and your business deserve smart, savvy and strategic comments and insight about your website.

That's why in this week's video I outline the 5 types of people that every website DIYer needs on their site review team. These personality types have the potential to send your website into the stratosphere. But, you may be surprised by the "types" that are on the list! [divider] [/divider]

After you watch this week's vid, let me know in the comments who your most valuable site review team member is. Which type is the hardest to find?