Kate's Tech Talks, Episode 4: How to Spend a Small Website Budget


Howdy there my dear readers and viewers. In this week's episode we're taking a reader question that covers a topic that I get asked about all the time: how to spend a small website budget. Here's the deal. Do most small business owners have 5-10k to slap down for a totally custom, brand spankin' new website? No way. Not happening. BUT, a huge percentage of you all do have small budgets to spend on things like web design, graphic design, coding, photography and other customizations that can take your website from just OK to totally rockin'. The big question is, of course...

How in the heck do you figure out how to spend the money?

I've seen lots of DIYers make the same mistake -- spending the money on lots of little things -- and I'm here to tell you that's not the best way to use your investment moolah. Allow me to share my top three strategies for how to spend your cash...and #3 might just be a little controversial among my audience.

In this week's episode I walk you through those 3 strategies for deciding how to spend a small website budget:

  • Don't spend it piecemeal.
  • Assess what you can and can't do for your biz.
  • Spend it on tangibles -- i.e. real, finished product shizz for your site.

I can't emphasize how important #3 is. I see so many DIYers buy programs or coaching sessions instead of getting a finished product. Look, if you've got lots of cash to spend by all means invest in those types of things -- BUT, I strongly suggest avoiding anything that puts more work back on you...and lots of online programs do just that.

After watching this week's episode, I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you like/love/hate doing for your business and how it compares with what you'd like to outsource.