10 Must-Read Resources for Writing Great Business Blog Headlines

In our Tech Talk this week we talked about the big picture of what makes a great business blog. I talked about how you need focus and clarity in these three areas:

  • Your business blogging goals.
  • Your business blogging audience.
  • Your business blogging voice.

Once you've mastered those "big picture" basics you can really start to practice the more specific skills that can take your biz blog to the next level. Chief among them? Writing great business blog headlines.

I don't believe in reinventing the wheel, so this week I'm sharing 10 must-read blog posts for writing great business blog headlines.

Did I miss any of your top resources?

Kate's Tech Talks: 3 Top Tips for Business Blogging Success

Happy Monday everyone! This week's Tech Talk is launching a day early as a special welcome gift to LKR Social Media readers, where I'm guest blogging today. Glad to have you all here! Today's video is all about everyone's favorite topic: blogging. In particular, we're talking about how to blog for your business. Now, don't get this confused with blogging as your business...which is a totally different can of worms. We're focused strictly on those of you with online and/or brick-and-mortar businesses that are planning to or already using a business blog as a mechanism to drive traffic and increase sales.

The reality is this: you can write great headlines, have optimized copy and a great blog design, but if you don't master the three concepts that I discuss in today's video it's all for naught.

That's because a great business blog needs
focus and clarity to really rock the house.

What's more, you need that clarity and focus in three main aspects of your business blogging plan. They are...

  • Your business blogging goals.
  • Your business blogging audience.
  • Your business blogging voice.

All too often I see business owners jump right into blogging without taking a step back to give it the same strategic brainstorming that they dedicate to other aspects of their biz. Guys, this is becoming a total theme for Kate's Tech Talks: Taking time to plan and strategize now pays dividends later.

OK, and because I love you all I'm going to share one of the biggest tidbits from the video right now and it may just blow your business blogging brain:

Your ideal customer and your ideal blog reader
are probably not the same person!

That's right, if you're blogging for your target customer you might be losing out on blog readers as a result. Intrigued? Here's this week's Tech Talk.

Unlock Your Business Blogging Potential with These 3 Techniques from Kate Hash on Vimeo.

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