Free SEO Guides for Beginners

Search engine optimizations (SEO) is serious business. If you are a blogger or site owner, SEO is of critical importance to you. Why? At the most basic level SEO is what helps your blog crawl up the Google (or Bing or Yahoo) search results and appear in front of your target market. Even if you hire a consultant to do SEO work for you, understanding the basics of SEO is really important -- if you are an informed, educated client you will find your relationship with an SEO consultant that much more productive. A free SEO guide is a great way to get the basic knowledge that you need without being overloaded by technical detail.

Free SEO Guide - Our Five Favorites

In this post, I've rounded up our five favorite free SEO guides for beginners. Some of these guides are PDF downloads while others are interactive websites. All are great options for the beginner looking to learn more about search engine optimization.

1. SEO Moz's Beginners Guide to SEO.


2. Google SEO Starter Guide (link opens PDF)

free seo guide for beginners

3. WordTracker's SEO Made Simple (links opens PDF)

free seo guide for beginners

4. Kissmetric's Comprehensive SEO Guide for Beginners (a truly awesome blog post)

5. Copyblogger's SEO Copywriting Made Simple


Free SEO Guide - 3 Things to Look for

As you read these SEO guides pay attention to three important points that just about every one of these guides will draw your attention to.

  • Long-tail searching: What if you stopped trying to optimize for "italy tours" and started thinking more about "great tours of italy in the spring." Long-tail search fans believe that it's better to optimize for less used, but more specific words then to try and compete for general terms with thousands of sites vying for search ranking.
  • The keyword tag: Once upon a time (like, in the late 90's) you could stuff a keyword meta tag full of words and poof! appear high up on search engines. It's a useless tag and these guides explain why. The "value" of keyword stuffing is a HUGE misconception that many of our clients still have when they come to us.
  • Social power: It's becoming more and more important to be well-liked and highly-regarded on the internet. Search engines care about who links to you, who you link to and who influences your social circle on the web. This page on the SEO Moz guide covers this topic particularly well.

5 Free WordPress Templates

Finding free WordPress templates is easy. Find free good WordPress templates is a bit more of a challenge. Free templates can often sacrifice good design or features or functionalities (or all of the above). Every project is different, too, so sometimes a theme that works great for one company is totally useless for another. The key is to know what you're looking for. In today's post I'm rounding up WordPress templates worth giving a try on your site.

1. Spun | Click here to learn more

free wordpress templates spun

2. Attitude | Click here to learn more

free wordpress templates attitude

3. Responsive | Click here to learn more

free wordpress templates responsive

4. Swift Basic | Click here to learn more

free wordpress templates swift

5. Pinboard | Click here to learn more

free wordpress templates pinboard

Free Watercolor Social Media Icons

Today's list of freebies is one of my favorites to date: free watercolor social media icons. Sometimes, you just want your social media icons to have a little pizzazz to them -- what better way than the feminine touch of watercolor? Here are five of my favorite free watercolor social media icons available for download (for FREE!) for personal use:

Crab + Fish: 140 Watercolor Social Media Icons (so many color options!)free watercolor social media icons

The Shoppe Designs: Free Blue/Beige Watercolor Icons (so pretty and delicate!)

free watercolor social media icons

Verve and Sass: Free Social Icon Download (Bonus: she make a glitter version, too!)


PSD Explorer: Free PhotoShop Watercolor Icon Download (you'll need PhotoShop to use)


AngieMakes: Free Watercolor Icons in 7 Pastel Colors (love how each one is so unique!)

free watercolor social media icons

When you start searching for social media icons to use on your site, I suggest downloading a few FULL sets and browsing the complete collection. Don't get your heart set on a certain "look" until you confirm that there are indeed icons in the set for all of the different social networks that you need.

Free Circle Social Media Icons

I've rounded up five of my favorite FREE resources for circle social media icons.ย When you have a site design that's linear, with lots of square elements, adding a circle into the mix can be a great way to balance out the design. Once you find a free circle social media set of icons that you like, you can download them for free and edit them as needed for your site. Designed icons like the ones listed below look best when use sparingly. Pick out your top 3-5 icons and place them on your site.

1. The Free Simple Sleek Social Media Icon Set from DesignBolts

free circle social media icons

2. Somicro's 33 Free Simple Social Media Icons Set

circle social media icons

3. The IC Circle Social Icon Set from DesignDeck

free circle social media icons

4. Webdesigner Depot's Buddy Icons by Orman Clark

free circle social media icons

5. Vandelay Design's Metro Social Media Icon Set

free circle social media icons

So, there you have it! My list of five great sets of free circle social media icons. Stay tuned, more great freebies to come!