How to Create Pinterest-Worthy Promo Images

Creating Pinterest-worthy promo images for your blog posts or business is one of those creative tasks that can sound daunting, but once you have the right resources in hand becomes a cinch -- and so worth the work.

Step One: Invest in Adobe Creative Cloud

I know the recurring cost can be daunting, but having Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator available for your blog graphics is so important. While Canva and other tools can get you basic graphics, the Adobe toolset is going to give you more flexibility. Whatโ€™s more, Photoshop and Illustrator are both must-haves for the next step.

Step Two: Buy Pre-made Social Templates

Don't recreate the wheel! There are so many fantastic pre-made social templates available out there at very affordable prices. Not only will you score Pinterest templates, but most will come with options for Instagram, Facebook and more! Some of my favorite templates include the following (click on an image to be redirected to each resources).

Step Three: Customize to Your Brand

Before you get worried about your promo images looking the same as everyone else, know that these templates are just starting points. Ideally, youโ€™ll customize these files into a brand-specific set of templates specifically for you. Change out the fonts, color and background images to get a look that is specific to your products and sites.

Lastly, be flexible and experiment. Keep track of which images/pins are sending you traffic and getting frequently repinned and don't hesitate to use those promo templates more often!