Personal Brand: Branding the New Site

This site was long overdue for a rebranding. Navigating the transition from self-employment to office work meant that I got rid of our old business site (RIP Hash Consulting) and had to quickly throw up a personal brand site.

These days, I think everyone should have a personal brand site. It's great to have a web address to put on resumes, calling cards, LinkedIn, etc. You never know when you'll meet someone at a conference or networking event and want to give them more information about you and your work. Also, because so many of us have passion projects, too, it's a great way to showcase your well-rounded interests.

Personal brand site design process

Designing for yourself is always interesting. I try to treat myself like I would any other branding client and step one is always a Pinterest inspiration board. In the era before to Pinterest (the Dark Ages), I used to have clients take photos of mood boards for me. Thank goodness we live in a more advanced time ;-)

It's amazing how quickly a color and design story emerges on a Pinterest board. When you pin photos of all sorts -- interiors, homes, branding, etc. -- you really get a sense of direction on design. Immediately, I noticed:

  • Light blue, gold and texture.
  • Modern, simple aesthetic. 
  • Classic, smooth script font.

Once I had the inspiration, I was ready to start working. The color palette was directly sampled from some of my inspiration photos/pins. The textures I searched for and found on Creative Market, my go-to for these sorts of elements. I know some designers like to start with the logo, but for me, the colors, textures and baseline fonts get my creative juices flowing.

I sketched out (yes, with a pencil and paper) a few ideas and ended up with a circle, script-influenced logo that looks very close to my initial brainstorms. I wanted a logo that was simple, yet fluid, and I think I got it.

If you're interested in a personal brand site, contact me for details