italian dual citizenship: do i need to hire a researcher?

When we first discovered that dual citizenship was available to us, we seriously toyed with the idea of hiring a consultant/researcher to do the legwork for us. I think this is a great option if:

  1. You aren't in a rush.
  2. You are willing to pay someone for work that you could most likely do yourself.
  3. You are in no way, shape or form a "type a" personality.
  4. You are extremely un-tech savvy.

As you've probably gathered by now, I didn't meet any of these criteria.  The thought of having this process in someone else's hands basically gave me an anxiety attack ("type a" personality? Check!).

Ten years ago I think hiring a researcher would have been the fastest way to find answers. But now, with message boards, online records requests, indexes, and tools like, even a novice genealogist can find what he/she is looking for. The key is knowing exactly what you need and staying insanely organized.

In addition, as stressful as the process has been at times, it's also been deeply rewarding. I've discovered things about my family that have been a true joy. What's more, I'm putting together a collection of records and information that will be available to my own children and grandchildren in the future. ๏ปฟ

What I might suggest is hiring a consultant to advise you on the process at the beginning and/or the end of your process -- to get you off on the right foot and/or to confirm that your paperwork looks to be in order.