what about winston?

Winston Collage

When friends and family hear that we are moving abroad, one of the first questions they ask is...what about Winston?

Winston is our super cute, silly and curious pug/beagle mix pup. Actually, at nearly three years old he's not really a pup anymore. The simple answer is that, of course, he's coming with us. As regular blog readers will soon find out, Winston is a critical component of our little family unit.

We are currently exploring a few different options for Winston's trip, mostly trying to decide between hiring a pet relocation service and doing it all ourselves. Based on the many first person stories we've read in the Expats in Italy forum, we are leaning toward doing it all ourselves.

So, what actually needs to be done?

  • All vaccinations (obviously) must be current, with particular shots needing to be done within certain time frames from the date of departure.
  • A visit to a USDA certified vet to have paperwork certified
  • Translating certain paperwork
  • A pet passport (we've heard conflicting reports, but we're getting one to be safe)
  • Booking his flight (and obsessively checking in with the airline)
  • Making sure his travel crate meets all standards and that it's accurately prepped for the trip
  • Checking him in extra early on the day of departure
  • Worrying nonstop on the flight over
  • Reuniting in Rome

The simplest way to get Winston abroad is to fly direct from with Newark or Philly to Rome and then take a train to Florence. Otherwise, we end up with connecting flights that could complicate his trip.

We'll keep you posted on our pet relocation decisions...