apartment hunting in italy

For a very long time our plan has been for me to head over a week or two early in January, find an apartment and get things settled for when Rob and Winston show up. Recently, we've decided to alter that plan a bit. There is a lot to do. A lot to take care of. And, I've started to feel the pressure of having to get over to Italy and find an apartment. So, in a few weeks Rob and I are going to take a little excursion to Florence to apartment hunt with a real estate agent. Bonus: we're using the money we saved by not hiring a lawyer to fix the records that need amending.

There are a lot of apartments on the market right now, which is nice. Hopefully it will give us some leeway to find the perfect place and negotiate a good price. What are we looking for?

  • 2-3 bedrooms
  • Ideally, un giardino (a garden)...
  • ...but we are willing to settle for a terrazzo (terrace).
  • 1 bathroom will do
  • Semi-furnished
  • Oltrarno neighborhood
  • Between 800-1100 euros
  • Long-term contract (i.e. not a tourist rental)

Initially I thought we were asking a lot, but based on what I'm finding on sites like immobiliare.it and casa.it, there is a fairly good selection available.