why are you moving to italy?

The question that we get all. the. time. Why are you moving to italy?

Of course, there is no one simple answer. A few that come to mind are: because we want to. Because we can. Because living abroad is a dream that we've had as a couple, as well as something we both hoped to do before we even met one another. Because we're not sure that the American way of life is the best fit for us. Because life is an adventure and we want to experience it. Or, my favorite response: Why not move to Italy?

There are practical answers. Dreamy answers. Indescribable yearnings. There are a lot of reasons we are moving abroad. In the grand scheme of things, however, we just want to live in the present.

It's never been our goal to keep talking about living abroad "someday." We've been actively planning to make it happen now.

bucketlistA favorite blogger of mine, Jonathan Fields, has a fantastic post on this exact topic today. His approach might be a little aggressive for some, but on days when I am tired of trying to justify living my life to its fullest, this is exactly how I feel.

Read it here: The Bucket List Lie.