ciao from florence, day one


Wow, what a long day it's been! When Rob and I got to Florence at noon today I was thinking to myself "How am I ever going to stay awake until bedtime?" But, of course, the excitement of being back in this beautiful city kicked in and now it's 9:30 p.m. am I'm doing a bit of blogging before bed. 

After arriving at our B&B, we headed out to meet our very nice real estate agent. She is so cute! Her English isn't great and my Italian isn't either, so it was this fun "lets try to figure out what everyone is saying" adventure.

We saw two apartments, both of which I absolutely adored. The first is in San Gaggio, a neighborhood about a 10 minute bus ride from the city center. It has a less of touristy feel and the beautiful backdrop of the Florentine hills. The home is cozy -- 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms in about 65 square meters (about 700 square feet). We love small, cozy homes so this place was perfect. It has been meticulously cared for and renovated by an older woman that lives in the primary house (the one we looked at is the secluded guest house). The outdoor spaces are stunning (i giardini e un terazzo) and the views fantastic. Everything is updated. It's quiet and peaceful.

The second place we saw is a true apartment in a typical old building in the Porta Romana area. It's on the ground level and has a great garden in the back. It's totally enclosed, which would make it much easier for Winston. The living spaces are bigger than the first place, but the bedrooms are a bit tighter. I believe total space is about 75 square meters (about 800 square feet) The kitchen is long, galley style, but totally updated and nice. The location of this place cannot be beat, but I was not thrilled by the lack of light and windows. 

There are many pros and cons to both which I'll talk about later as we make our decision. Until then, enjoy some more photos from our day!


Eating a gustapanino, where I gave a big middle finger to my gluten and dairy allergies. Guess what? So far, so good. I think higher powers really wanted me to eat at my favorite shop.

IMG_6293 IMG_6292

Can we pause for a second to talk about how cute Rob is?


Next, we enjoyed walking to some of our favorite spots in the city, including my old apartment.

IMG_6302 IMG_6311 IMG_6306

We ended the night at Golden View Open Bar, one of my faves from my study abroad days. It's somewhat popular with tourists (which can be annoying if you're looking for the totally authentic experience), but the food is delicious.


More to come a domani!