People Skills & Good Customer Service

pdinboxWe've spoken with a lot of people from a good number of companies and governments over the past few months. From veterinarians to relocation experts and from airlines to shipping companies - with the occasional state and federal agency thrown in for good measure - we've called, emailed, faxed or otherwise contacted an array of services.  Happily, even in a market as small as international personal relocations, we had some choices in selecting our services (believe it or not). I'm no saint.  I can be difficult on the phone - asking the same question five different ways or even the same question five times.  So I quickly found out what separated the so-so companies from the good ones - customer service. When it came to choosing a company to help us ship our stuff, U Pak We Ship's customer service made it easy to choose.  Our contact, Mark, was helpful and hilarious.  Who knew the process of international shipping had such good comedic material? Anyway, sometimes customer service people make me feel like I'm speaking to a brick wall or wasting their time with my questions. Needless to say, Mark didn't do that, and that's one big reason why we're looking forward to using U Pak to ship our stuff to Florence, and working with Mark to see that it gets done right.  -Rob