Moving to Italy: Getting Rid of Stuff

ref=sr_1_1I really wanted to use a cuss word instead of "stuff" in the title of this post, but I fought the urge. Seriously, there is no better realization of how much crap you own until you try to move. We have moved no less than 5 times in as many years, yet every single time we pack up, I'm fascinated by (a) how much we have no problem trashing (b) how much we own.

We have never lived in a space over 1250 square feet (and if you exclude our house in Louisville, we've never lived over 600 square feet) and have a very clean, minimal style. YET, we still have -- what we would consider -- a lot of stuff. It's crazy!

I'm so thankful we are only shipping 30 cubic feet of belongings. That equates to about 18 small packing boxes. I love the idea of owning only things that really mean a lot to me and foregoing the rest. We're bring mostly books, some items for our kitchens and a few keepsakes. That's it. It feels sooo good.

We'll be posting some videos early this week all about the packing process, so stay tuned!


P.S. We are definitely not hoarders...but when you are in the middle of packing up your life you can certainly be made to feel like one!