Moving to Italy: Shipping Your Stuff, Part One

Sorry we're a bit behind with posting our shipping videos. We had a few small things to take care of this week. You know, like selling our car, finishing up the packing and spending 4 hours at the Italian Consulate in Philly. Just small stuff :-)

Behold our first shipping video. Shipping your stuff abroad isn't very glamorous, but it's a necessary part of the process. We tried to snap as much video as we could to fill you in on the process.

This whole moving abroad thing is full of mysteries. We've been lucky that our shipping provider, UPakWeShip has been sooo helpful and answered about a gazillion of our questions. Our hope with these videos is to share the knowledge that we've collected and help people that make the move in the future!

The FTC would probably want us to tell you that UPakWeShip is providing our shipping services free of cost since we're going to be talking about them so much on the blog and in videos. We promise to be completely honest and tell you if UPakWeShip sets all of our belongings on fire and posts a video of it to YouTube, but so far their service has been nothing short of rock star status.

UPDATE: Numerous times in this video and our next one Rob mentions "meters" instead of "feet." He means to say feet...I'm pretty sure his inner nerd is just really excited to be on the metric system.