Italian Dual Citizenship: Certifying Translations

approvedItalian dual citizenship translation can be complicated. After reading a lot of first hand accounts of the translation certification process, I still could not decide whether or not to certify them here (at the Philly consulate) or wait to do it in Italy. But, with only a month left until the move I had to make a decision. So, last week my dad and I headed down to the consulate to get the stamp of approval on 18 vital record translations and affadavits. Given what I had heard, I assumed some of them would be rejected for various (and ridiculous) reasons.

When we arrived at the consulate it was packed. Most people in the room were students applying for study abroad visas. We were among a small group of folks waiting for other services. We stood in line for a half hour to submit our paperwork and then another 1.5 hours while we waited for the certifications.

My dad and I were literally the last people in the consulate when they closed at 1 p.m. But, low and behold, the woman behind the counter walked out with 18 approved translations. I didn't even mind the $183 certification cost (about $10 per document). It was a huge relief that they were all accepted and I have WordSpark to thank for it. I highly recommend them. Every penny I've paid them for translations has been money very well spent.

For those that are wondering, the other option was to get the translations approved once we were in Italy. It actually sounded like the easier option, but at the end of the day I was really concerned about not being fluent in Italian and trying to explain what I needed. It was the right choice because, despite the wait, the certification process at the Italian Consulate was pretty darn easy!

Lessons Learned

  1. Once again, I learned that every person's Italian dual citizenship experience is different. Some folks have had really bad experiences with the Philly Consulate. I, however, did not.
  2. You get what you pay for. WorkSpark was a mid-range translation service and I'm happy I decided not to go with the cheapest option. Their work is dynamite.