Easy World Traveling with Apple? I think not!

Talk about major frustration! Today we spent over 2 hours on the phone with local Apple Store employees, Apple Care and Apple Sales without finding a resolution for a major issue we are having. 201962-10imac215_frontcopy_originalThe problem? We own a huge 27" iMac computer and we're bringing it to Italy with us. We bought a fantastic travel case for it and had just one thing left to take care of: getting the new power cord with the European prongs on the end. A simple call to Apple, right? WRONG.

Over and over, the Apple employees we talked to recommended the World Travel Adapter kit, which doesn't work with iMac computers. Only after we pointed this fact out did we get a lot of "Oh, your right...". Thanks, morons, for recommending a product that doesn't work and would waste my money. Seriously, are we the first people to take an iMac from the U.S. to Europe and looking for a new power cord?

If we were staying for a week, we would just buy a standard wall adapter, but because this move is permanent, we're looking for the safe, smart solution, which is simply replacing the power cord. After talking to 10 people for over 2 hours, we still don't have a resolution. How crazy is that?

We found a few generic plugs that would *probably* do the job, but as fellow Apple junkies know, your warranty is totally voided if an issue arises due to a non-Apple product. So, if our computer fried because of a generic plug we'd be out our computer.

We'll let you know if/when this issue gets solved. So much for Apple being a "world" brand...