Moving to Italy: 19 Days to Go (and What's Left to Do)

A strange thing happens when you plan something (like a move to Italy) for so long -- all of a sudden you look at the calendar and think "Holy cow, this is really going to happen...soon!"

In less than three weeks we'll be heading off for the big move to Italy. We have a few things left to take care of, but we are feeling pretty darn good at this point. Over the next few weeks you'll be reading a lot of logistical and detailed posts. After the move, we'll catalog these posts for easy reference so that when people visit the site in the future, they can read in depth about the moving process.

To answer a few questions we've received via email...

What are you most concerned about? Kate's anxiety level will not return to normal until our dog Winston arrives safely in Rome. Checking our "precious cargo" as baggage is freaking her out! Thankfully, Delta is pet friendly so we are feeling pretty good about the whole thing.

Biggest stresses so far? Things that we thought would be super simple that have turned into huge problems. For example: getting a European prong plug for our iMac, upgrading Kate's flight on USAir to Envoy, getting Rob's background checks for his part of the dual citizenship application. We've learned that really low expectations are the only way to be pleasantly suprised by things.

What are you most looking forward to? Being settled! We bounced around A LOT in 2010 and we're excited for 2011 to be a bit more focused on being in one place and experiencing all that it has to offer. Also, we're both sooo excited about working to become fluent in the language.

What type of things will you be posting about once you get to Italy? Well, we'll be posting a lot of photos, videos tours, cooking/recipes, and stories about us decorating our new place. Really, it's all about living la dolce vita.