Moving to Italy: Gadgets Galore!


(a visual representation of our gadget situation)

Not to get all Jersey Shore on you, but we have a serious Situation going on with our gadget collection. Living here in the States, we didn't think twice about accumulating computers, iPhones, cameras and the like. But, when you start thinking about safely and effectively taking them all abroad with you (at once), things get a little hairier. The situation is alleviated slightly by the fact that Rob and I are taking different flights and will be splitting the electronics up between the two of us.

The biggest bear of all is the 27" iMac. We thought about shipping it, but USPS, UPS and FedEx all wanted around $400 to do the job. We also thought about checking it as baggage in it's original packaging, which we smartly kept knowing that we'd be making this type of move in the near future. While this is still an option for us (it's our back-up plan), Plan A is to use this wonderful case, which we received in the mail last week:

The iLugger is what can only be described as a giant laptop case on wheels. The slimline nature of the iMac allows it to be easily slid into the case, strapped in and readied for the flight! Now, iLugger doesn't promise you'll get through with it as a carry on (hence the plan to have the original packaging ready in a pinch), but it will do the job perfectly if allowed through. It's a little pricey at $200, but cheaper than shipping and will come in handy in the future if we take any long holidays.

Coming tomorrow: another tech post...this one about power's a doozy!