moving to italy: using your imac in europe

One of our biggest headaches to date has been trying to figure out how to find a new power cord for our iMac. Unlike most of Apple's products, the iMac can't use the World Traveler Kit. Why? The iMac power cord doesn't have a removable plug (or the white box that plugs into the wall). Instead, it's one thick power cord from the back of the computer/monitor to the wall. That's it. You may have read in a previous post that we spent hours on the phone with Apple tech support trying to figure this out. Given the amazing usability of Apple's products, we were shocked that it wasn't as simple as just ordering a new cord.

In the meantime, we found this cord from online retailer, DataPro.


From a design standpoint, it doesn't look much like our Apple plug, but the two most important things (1) that the plug into the computer is the same and (2) that the plug into the wall is right, made it worth buying.

So, we took a link to our newfound plug to the Apple store in Philadelphia and asked our question there. No shock, at first they tried to sell us the World Traveler Kit (SERIOUSLY: how can we file a complaint with Steve Jobs on this? Every single Apple employee [phone, email, chat and in person] has tried to sell us the WRONG product and then says "Oh, you're right" when they realize it can't work with what we have).

Thankfully, after a few of the Apple "geniuses" pow-woed it was determined that the plug we found would work. It won't look at pretty as the current one (which is designed to look really seamless in the back), but it will safely do the job.

Attention future expats: We learned some serious lessons dealing with this issue. Most important, don't assume anything will be easy. Next, when it comes to technology issues, try to figure them out early. Finally, do your research so that you can be very confident in a situation where someone recommends the absolute wrong thing. We were told to buy the wrong product so many times that we actually started to question our own sanity.