moving a pet abroad: prepping your pet's kennel for air travel

It's hard to believe, but in just 13 days Winston will make his journey from Philly to Rome, too! There are a couple (very important) things you need to do to ready a pet for travel. On the top of our list was getting the kennel ready and adding a wheel kit to make it easier to roll around in airports

In the video, Rob mentions the importance of drilling the holes in the back fo the crate, which had no openings. This is a common "horror story" that you read online -- people getting to the airport only to find out that their kennel doesn't qualify. It truly underscores the importance of doing your research before a move.

Next week Winston has his appointment with a USDA-certified vet and the next day Rob is driving to Harrisburg to get the paperwork certified. Who knew a 30 pound mutt required so much prep :-)