italian dual citizenship: top 5 resources

While thousands of people have received Italian dual citizenship, the resources and information available for you online are still fairly limited. Most people spend hours searching message boards for answers to common questions and concerns.

To help with your Italian dual citizenship quest, we've compiled a list of the top resource websites for finding information about requesting records, establishing your eligibility, translating documents and applying for Italian dual citizenship.

  • Italian Consulates: while the Italian Embassy in Washington, DC provides some information about the citizenship process, many of the regional consulates provide the best information. We recommend reading the San Francisco, Philadelphia and Miami consulates' websites for more information. Pay close attention to the consulate that services your state, as it's their rules that you'll need to abide by.
  • in addition to serving as the home of a consulting company that provides research services, this website also provides a wealth of information about qualifying for citizenship and how to begin the process.
  • National Italian American Foundation: as you might expect, the largest Italian-American organization in the country provides useful resources for obtaining your Italian dual citizenship.
  • ICGS's Message Board: full of useful stories from those that have done it before or who are in the process, this message board is a great resource for solving tough questions and addressing challenging situations.
  • ItalyLink Message board: another great message forum full of real life experiences.
  • Expats in Italy: our favorite resource by far, this site is full of not only citizenship advice, but also information about moving to and living in Italy.

If you have questions that can't be answered by one of these resources, try searching "Italian Dual Citizenship" followed by your question. It may take a bit of sifting through the results, but you can almost always find someone that has been in your exact situation and how exactly they solved the problem.

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