moving to italy: the ups and downs of packing in advance

retrosuitcaseGood things about packing suitcases two weeks before you leave: limited last-minute stress over what you packed, knowing exactly how much in extra suitcase costs you'll have to pay, feeling like you have all new clothes when you eventually unpack Bad things about packing in advance: wearing the same pair of pants five days in a row, not knowing what day it is (this happens when you look the exact same for days on end), waking up in the morning and realizing you have nothing clean to wear

Over a week ago we packed most of our clothes and toiletries into two suitcases. We were so proud of ourselves for checking this off the list so early. But now, a few days before we leave I think I speak for both of us when I say we feel pretty gross and unkempt. I will be SO happy to unpack next Wednesday.

P.S. It's a good thing we were able to see the vet yesterday...trying to keep today's original appointment would have been a mess!

Cowntown to Italy: 6