moving to italy: one day to go!


Wow, it's hard to believe that TOMORROW we leave for Italy. It's been a wild last year of planning and it's kind of crazy to think that the move is finally here.

We've had a lot of people (friends, family and strangers included) ask recently how we are managing to move to Italy. Strangers -- including people that email us questions -- assume we are rich or somehow independently wealthy. While we would love for this to be true, it's definitely not. We are just two people with a dream of living abroad that set goals, were willing to sacrifice and made it happen. So much in life is possible if you just follow those steps. Goals. Sacrifice. Action.

Our posting will be spotty for the next week or so as we get settled. But, once we're back blogging it will be full of photos, stories and videos from Italy.

Arrivederci! Andiamo all'Italia!