moving a pet abroad: winston update!

Winston's First Week

{Winston sightseeing at the Duomo and utilizing his new faorite pillow...the air travel neck wrap}

When one moves their entire life abroad you have to wonder what they are most concerned about. Lost luggage? Nope. Language barier? Not that either. Their adorable dog having a stressfree trip? That's right!

The week before we left (of course) there was this big story about Delta losing a family pet on its way to Germany. So, naturally we were a little nervous for Winston. Those nerves turned out to be unfounded, however, because Winston ended up being one of the least stressful elements of the move.

Rob and Winston took Delta from Philly to Atlanta, and then from Atlanta to Rome. At each leg of the trip, Delta was extremely good about letting Rob know Winston had been loaded (and unloaded) off of the plane. In fact, the pilot himself talked to Rob before the flight to Rome.

He was delivered to Rob in the baggage area, had no problems passing through customs (so much for all that work we did getting paperwork!) and the boys were waiting for me when I arrived about an hour later!

Winston has also adjusted great in other ways. He LOVES taking walks through the streets and meeting new people -- although it did take him a few days to realize it really is OK to poop on the street. Once we get better with the language Winston will be a great way to meet new friends!