italian dual citizenship: applying in italy, part one

{the entrance to our "town hall," aka Palazzo Vecchio; photo via Wikipedia since we haven't taken one yet}

It dawned on me today that I haven't written a dual citizenship post in quite a while. We made more (and major) progress today, so it's probably time that I post a bit.

On our first full day here, we met up with Georgette, a great new friend that I met via the Expats in Italy forum. She has been nothing short of our personal savior when it comes to helping things get done here in Italy with the dual citizenship.

The first office we visited was the Stato Civile at the Palazzo Vecchio (side note: can we talk about how ridic it is that our local government office is above the Uffizi?). We waited for a bit and were able to talk with someone, but found out we were at the wrong office. In fact, we wouldn't come back to that particular office until we were much further in the process. It's where I will return once I official have residency.

Georgette suggested that we walk up a flight of stairs to the citizenship office. This is the office where, a few months from now, I will formally make my application for dual citizenship. We figured they could potentially be helpful in educating us on the process up until that point.

We were able to talk to a very helpful gentleman that told us we actually needed to go to the Anagrafe (kind of a like a registration office), state our case, and get an appointment to come back to apply for residency. That ended up be exactly right.

Thankfully, Georgette had printed out Circolare n. 28 and n. 28.1, two minor Italian laws that declare it legal to do what we're trying to do. This is definitely not a common thing and most people have no idea what we're talking about. Having the laws handy was extremely valuable.

We were able to schedule an appointment for February 2 (today!) to come back and formally apply for residency, which is the first step toward citizenship.

Part Two (detailing today's action) coming in an hour or so...