living in florence: green space galore

If you exit our front door and turn right, you walk directly into the city center. Lots of cars, scooters, noise and people. If you turn left and walk for about 3 minutes you are transported to a completely different Florence.

The first thing you notice are the wide sidewalks and green grass. There is a small park only a few minutes up the road. Rob and Winston have fun chasing each other there...

A little further up is a cute little neighborhood tucked away in the hills. It's like a little hidden gem that gets hardly any traffic. There is really only one way in and out of the neighborhood, so no one really ventures up that way. We love it.



Rob and I both prefer walking toward the city center (there is just so much to see!), but in a few months when tourist season rolls around it will just be plain impractical to walk Winston on such busy streets. So, it's good to know we can turn the other way and have just as fun!