moving to italy: shipping update

It's been about a month since we last updated you on our shipping progress and experiences with UPakWeShip. We still have nothing but positive things to say about this great company.

We received an email when our "boat" was about a day or two from docking in the UK that our container had been randomly selected for a customs search. We filled out an extra form, but found the entire process very easy. I think customs cost about $ not too bad and UPakWeShip had prepped us that this could happen -- containers are selected randomly so there is no way to predict it. We cleared customs and our stuff is now en route to Florence.

We are working with our contact at the shipping company to book a shuttle service for our delivery. Because our street is one way and narrow as heck, bringing a trailer down the road is just not possible. Since we only have twenty small boxes, a shuttle service (even in a fairly tiny truck) is much more practical. We'll keep you posted on how it all goes.

We are SO excited to have our stuff here with us. I'm tired of looking at empty shelves and just want to fill them with our books and photos!