shipping boxes to italy: it's all here!

UPakWeShip boxes arrive

Fantastic news: all of our boxes arrived safe and sound a few days ago! In typical Italian fashion there wasn't a call to schedule a drop-off...just a ring of the doorbell and a really nice Italian dude saying "venti cassete" (20 boxes). He and Rob unloaded the boxes in about ten minutes.

Rob immediately set about unpacking. Rob's a bit of a nerd (did you guys know that?) and couldn't wait to fill our bookshelves with the ridiculous amount of books that we sent over. He was also really excited to see our cheese dome (confession: I was, too). Scoff if you want, but if you are a cheese person the dome will change your life.

UPakWeShip review

I was working in the dining room (our temporary office) and Rob would pop in every few minutes to show off something that hadn't broken (which was everything). He'd say, "Can you believe our wine decanter made it here? I must be an awesome packer." When I replied with "Or, it could be that UPakWeShip did a really good job taking care of our stuff," he made a face and, in typical only child fashion, was not happy to share the glory :-)


Honestly, we can't say enough nice things about UPakWeShip and how easy it was to work with them. Yes, they gave us complimentary shipping in exchange for our review, but as anyone that knows me well can tell you, I do not mess around when it comes to being honest about customer service. Actually, I hink there is also a woman in the New York Times customer service office that would have a few choice things to say about what happens when I get bad service. Moral of the story: I'm telling you it was awesome to work with UPakWeShip because it was. If it hadn't been a good experience, you would totally know!

If you need to ship anything abroad in the near future, we highly recommend UPakWeShip. We shipped a fairly small amount over -- 20 small boxes -- but still always felt like everyone we talked to felt our shipment was important (even before we worked out the complimentary shipping). The folks in their Charleston office are extremely nice (and funny), the people we interacted with in the UK were equally as wonderful, and the shuttle driver here in Italy was fantastic, too. Highly recommened.