living in italy: dual citizenship update!

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog lately, but certainly not because life has been quiet! We're working on a huge project for a client right now, the latest issue of Southern Flourish went live last week, we made some new friends that are also pursuing dual citizenship, and we've made some MAJOR progress with the quest for dual citizenship! Seriously, we're busy.

Bright and early on Saturday morning our doorbell rang. Thankfully, Rob is a quick to wake up and was able to answer the door. Guess who was there? The VIGILI. Finally. Hopefully in a few weeks my official letter of residence will appear in our mailbox and I'll be able to get the magic letter from the comune that allows me to pick up my permesso AND apply for citizenship. Yay! Later that day we took Winston to the anagrafe canine, where he officially became a resident of Florence, too :-)

But, that's not all. Today, on a bit of a whim, we took a completed permesso kit (along with photocopies of Rob's passport, police records from every state he's lived in since he was 18, AND our marriage certificate) to the post office and submitted his application for a permesso di soggiorno per motivi familiari. The woman behind the desk was a little dubious of the whole arrangement, but she ran the application past two of her superiors who told her it was "normale." We thought we would have to wait until I had my actual permesso in hand for Rob to apply for his, but that wasn't the case. This is a really big deal. Why? Because a permesso receipt is just as legal as the real permesso. That means Rob is 100% legal to live here once his imaginary tourist visa expires next month. In a few years he'll actually be able to begin the process of applying for citizenship himself!

In celebration, here are some photos we snapped last week during the 150th anniversary of Italy's reunification. It was kind of a big deal and the streets were packed with people enjoying the day off from work!

Museums were free and the line for the Palazzo Pitti was crazzzzy long.